Solis Occasum


We are sad to announce that The Morning Hour will be playing it’s final show this saturday (27-06-2015) in Kempen, Germany.
We are very thankful for everything we’ve been able to experience as a band and friends the past 3 / 4 years and the awesome people we met along the way.


We would like to thank the following people:

Our friends, fans and family, Eelco & Roelof @ White Russian Records, Jeffrey Vaders, Robin van Loenen, Maik Krause, Yannick Bovens, Phillip Abdur, Nylo de Meijer, IndieXL, Den Haag FM, DutchScene, Patronaat Haarlem, Wijnand Beijer, Sebastiaan Barel, Koen Kleiberg, Victor van Raam, Syntiche Jacquart, Joris Postulart, Tijmen van Wageningen, Call It Off, Fexet, Just Like Giants, The 101’s, The Doots, Copperskye, Daylight, Silver Linings, Screech and The Lost Boys Club.